Micah and Lucas Gneisser – amused by amommy and Reece’s Rainbow alcolyte Ruthann!

Whole bunch of deets out there, which I’m preserving for posterity:

At the beginning of June the boys went in for their 5yr check-ups. Their bloods were a bit off, so we had them done again this week. I haven’t heard back yet about Micah’s thyroid, but this test confirmed that their white blood cells are consistently dropping. And so is my heart. My mind is going a million places. We have a hematology appointment for them end of August to find out more specifics. Putting the fear aside, what confuses me is why both of them at the same time? It would make sense if one had a problem, but both of them? It makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong here? So if anyone has any words of wisdom, I’d love to hear them! I’ve looked into all of the vitamins/supplements and they all tend to increase the WBC, not decrease. I guess I don’t have a specific question, just knew you all would understand the confusing and scary mess we’ve found ourselves in… _________________ Ruthann Wife to Mark Mom to Lucas (1/09; adopted from Ukraine 6/11) and Micah (4/09; adopted locally at 5 days old) “.